Our 1st PLACE programs focus on Personal Development, Leadership Training, Athletic Services, Community Service, and Entrepreneurship. 

Personal Development

Through the Personal Development program, Game Plan Champions gain the necessary skills and experience to become employable and realize different career opportunities. Through this program, we partner with local organizations to allow students to work on real-life projects.

Leadership Training

Game Plan provides leadership training to guide students from first learning self-leadership to progressing into effective and vocal leaders. This program develops leaders in the classroom, locker room, and eventually the board room.

Athletic Services

Game Plan works with each partner school’s athletic department to provide programming for its student athletes during the off season of their respective sports. This allows the students to gain valuable work experience and prepare them for life after sports. Student athletes also learn the requirements to becoming collegiate student athletes.

Community Service

Game Plan Champions learn the importance of servant hood by creating a workshop or event for their classmates and community. Each student in this program earn community service hours, plus learn how to market, promote, plan, organize, and execute an event for a large crowd.


In the Entrepreneurship program, Game Plan Champions first gain foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship. After successfully completing an elevator pitch to a group of judges, students officially form their start-up companies.