Our 1st PLACE programs focus on Project Management, Leadership Training, Academic Services, Career Exploration, and Entrepreneurship. 


Project Management

Through the Project Management Program, Game Plan Champions gain the necessary skills and experience to manage projects. Students first go through a project management course to learn the basics of project management. After completing the course, students gain experience by working on a real-life project with a local organization.

Leadership Training

Game Plan provides leadership training to guide students from first learning self-leadership to progressing into effective and vocal leaders. This program develops leaders in the classroom, locker room, and eventually the board room.

Academic Services

Game Plan works with students in the program to win in the classroom by providing tutoring, both in-person and virtually. Game Plan staff design and implement customized lesson plans based on each student’s academic needs and through teacher interviews. We work with each student to establish and monitor academic goals and milestones, while providing constructive feedback. 

Career Exploration

Game Plan Champions are introduced to many different careers through guest speakers discussing their work. Students learn the requirements along with the roles and responsibilities for different occupation options. Students also complete assessments to determine what professions might fit them best. Students who have completed a year of the program are eligible to obtain internships with partner organizations, as well. 


In the Entrepreneurship program, Game Plan Champions first gain foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship. After successfully completing an elevator pitch to a group of judges, students officially form their start-up companies.