Our 1st PLACE programs focus on Personal Development, Leadership Development, Arts Education, College & Career Readiness, and Entrepreneurship Training. 

Personal Development
Game Plan focuses on providing students with the tools to excel, preparing them for post-high school success. Students learn such items as time management, goal-setting, decision making, public speaking, and financial literacy. 
Leadership Development
Game Plan provides leadership development training to guide students from first learning self-leadership to progressing into effective and vocal leaders. This program develops leaders in the locker room, classroom,  and eventually the board room.
Arts Education
Arts education promotes engagement and imparts important lessons and experiences through project-based learning. Hands-on lessons cover many items such as self-expression, painting, photography, videography, art appreciation, and media exploration to ignite the artistic capabilities of the students in the program.

College & Career Readiness
The College & Career Readiness Program provides the extra time for career exploration and skills development that will prepare students for college and beyond. With students more prepared for college and being eligible to enter college, they will be more inclined to graduate college to ensure they have a career

Entrepreneurship Training
Many nonprofits and small businesses struggle with finding committed volunteers and employees to help carry out their mission or goal and many students never gain valuable work experience. Game Plan solves both issues by having students team up with local companies. During this partnership, students learn entrepreneurship through helping to solve real-life problems or challenges, gain volunteer experience, while also acquiring great resume building opportunities. The organization receives the much needed resources to grow.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business in need of assistance completing a project or campaign, contact us and let us know how our students can help you.